Everlit’s Jordan Panfil Reviews POD’s ‘The Awakening’

Our rhythm guitarist Jordan was given the opportunity to review the latest P.O.D. album on the Revelator website. Check out what he had to say!


I’m going to start by saying I was excited for a new P.O.D. release already so to have Revelator give me the opportunity to review it is awesome.  I’ve been following P.O.D.since I was a kid. The music they were putting out with the Fundamental Elements of Southtown, Satellite, Payable of Death, and even their even earlier stuff like Snuff the Punk were big influences on the music I brought to the table as a kid in a high school band. With that said, yes, this review might be slightly biased since I’m already a fan but here’s the verdict . . . The only thing this album is missing is Sonny’s dreads.

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