American Psycho featuring Spencer Sotelo of Periphery is here!

The much-anticipated remake of the Willpowerless song “American Psycho” has finally been released.  In addition to the song being adjusted musically and rerecorded under the name Everlit, Spencer Sotelo of the Progressive Metal band Periphery also features on the song.  His vocals are featured in the choruses as well as the bridge. Don’t miss it . . . LISTEN NOW!

Droppin’ Singles!

We’re busy writing and recording new songs for you!  It’s been a while since a new “news post” went out so this one brings us up to speed.  We’re still continuously releasing new tracks.  Since the release of “Immortal” we’ve dropped four more songs . . . “Unbreakable”, “Afterglow”, “Gravity” and “Oh, Erica”.

Check all the lyric videos out and share them!  You can see all of them all here.

Everlit - The Call of Gaia

The Call of Gaia – 7.20.18

It’s been a long time coming but 2018 will be a good year for Everlit music! We haven’t released anything since 2016 and we’re excited to preview our first full length album with the single “The Call of Gaia”. Details about the full length will be coming a little later this year. Watch the teaser here:

IndieSound Music Calls Everlit Unique & Attractive

Everlit: The future in the Rock Industry.

This band conceives a rock style, such as Green Day, Nirvana or Tokyo Hotel. The Everlit’s vocalist, Ryan, gives a unique and incredible touch to the band, also the combination of the guitar and the drums offers a rock style sound never heard before. For example, the review of AXS talked about the gorgeous sound of Everlit, but, AXS wasn’t the only one review about the unique style of Everlit. Agencies as National Rock Review or Loudwire were talking about it on their web pages. A half-hard rock with a soft guitar sound, and an incredible performance of the drums and the bass.

Read the full article here!

Pre-order the Single R.E.D. Now!

To everyone who can’t wait for April 15th to arrive, we have a special treat for you. Let ‪#‎NewMusicFriday‬ introduce you to our brand new single R.E.D. now available for pre-order exclusively through 3Thirteen Entertainment Group. Listen and download the track today so you have it the moment it’s released!

Check it out here!